Boxer: An iPhone Email App Worth Trying

June 6, 2013 — Leave a comment

boxer email app for iphone

Are you frustrated with managing your email? I’m sure you are as we all receive way too much email on a daily basis. There is an email app that was recently updated on the 5th of June called Boxer. Boxer adds a few interesting features to an email application that may just cause you to want to switch from the iPhone’s native application. 

boxer app options

  • Boxer introduces a very cool swipe gesture that is easy to execute.
  • Users can link profiles and your contacts’ profile pictures will show up beside each message.
  • Dropbox integration.
  • Compatible with all your existing email clients.

boxer iphone app

With Boxer, you can use their “Quick” responses with intuitive swiping features. Quick responses are preset responses that you can reply with saving so much time.

The other feature I like is the “Like” feature. Much like Facebook, you can simply click “Like” to acknowledge a friends email.

To Do Lists are also incorporated in this app. Very neat feature as it prevents you from forgetting to follow up with important emails.

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