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May 18, 2013 — Leave a comment

educlipper eduClipper is a new “Pinterest” type of Web 2.0 tool that allows educators to collect content in a visual format and share it with other educators or even their students. The idea behind eduClipper is that teachers can have a resource that only pertains to educational resources and sites and not have to worry about some of the other “visual distractions” that can appear if they were using Pinterest.

EduClipper also has a feature that allows teachers to create a classroom and students can clip web sites, images, and videos to build portfolio of related sites and resources. Educlipper offers a tutorial video to help you setup your class and I find the easiest way to get your students enrolled is to provide the Access Code.


Class Setup in eduClipper


Signing up for eduClipper


Creating a eduClip


eduClipper also has a clipboard created with several other helpful tutorials. You can see this clipboard here: eduClipper Tutorials

Educational Uses:

I often have my students research topics and bookmark the resources and links they find. This web tool is a great way for students to build a portfolio of links and resources related to a topic you are teaching. Students can research the Internet and collect “X” amount of resources to support their findings or simply illustrate and save supporting resources that can be used at a later time for projects down the road. The cool thing about this Classroom tool is that is visually appealing and not simply a bunch of links bookmarked on a Word document.

Collaboration: Students can share their resources with one another and with you.

Bellringers: I like to have my students research topics as their bellringer. They can clip current events or resources related to the current unit we are studying.

Educators: Collaborate with other teachers and share useful web resources with one another. Follow fellow educators and view their clips.

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