High School Students Create a Car Powered by Social Media

May 26, 2013 — Leave a comment


We have seen students build electric cars before, and although those projects are accomplishments, this new electric car surpasses all others. In Kansas City, MO, students have created an electric car that runs on Social Media. Yes, that’s right…. a car that runs on Tweets, Instagram shares, and Facebooklikes and shares.


It is projects like this that make me really proud to be an educator. With all of the standardized testing pushed upon our students, it is great to see Project Based Learning and teamwork being implemented in schools.

***Listen to the young man at the 1:36 mark. It is messages like this that really make you appreciate quality instruction and curriculum that introduces students to real world problems and careers.

Be sure to check out MindDrive.org and use the hashtag #minddrive to help fuel their car!

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