IDT 8095

This page is dedicated to recording my progress through my Doctoral Program’s capstone class IDT 8095. IDT 8095 – Developing Interactive Learning Environments II, is a class in which “teams of students use instructional design principles to design and develop an instructional system, emphasizing advanced development skills with current technologies. Students contract with real clients, define project goals and timelines, manage instructional design projects, and document the instructional design process” (University of Memphis, Course¬†Catalog).

The Team

Our team is made up of three very talented instructional design students with a large collection of skills and abilities. I invite you to click on each team member’s link to learn more about their experiences and education.

Angela Christopher

Danita Gibson

Kris King

Our team also has a Team Website that will document every step of this project. Please feel free to visit our progress at Tri-State eDesigns.

The Project

The project undertaken for this course is titled: ” New Online Faculty Development Training”. The client is the Department for Online Education at the University of Memphis. The client’s wishes are that our team helps create a collection of video tutorials to help educate and train faculty members to effectively design online learning environments.

Weekly Journal – 15/5s

The project’s progress will be documented in what we call our “15/5s”. At the end of each week I will record an entry on the week’s progress and a reflection of my learning. Feel free to read all of my Weekly 15/5s.


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