Have you incorporated Khan Academy in your class?

March 4, 2012

Ok, I’m going to have to admit it, I’m just now hearing about Khan Academy! Have you heard of this huge collection of FREE instructional videos? If you have, and you haven’t incorporated these videos into your class, your missing out!

As I was reading tech news online on this Saturday night, I came across this blog post comparing free online teaching tools. I kept seeing this blog post author comparing another tool to Khan Academy. I said to myself…. “I need to see what his private school is all about”… boy was I totally wrong. Kahn Academy is not a private school, it is a website dedicated to providing FREE instructional videos on nearly every topic that can be taught in the classroom.

Khan Academy in my Classroom


Khan Academy Videos for Bellringers & Extra Credit

I teach an online/hybrid course to 9th graders. They come to my computer lab and everything is delivered online. I often assign extra credit work or bellringer activities that are connected to my curriculum, but more heavily related to technology or one of our State Subject Area Test areas. One of the ways you can incorporate these instructional video lessons is for homework or if you have enough computers let these be your bellringer/extra credit assignments.

Much like a flipped classroom, you can assign a video to be watched that evening or by an assigned date and have students complete the practice activities within Khan Academy’s site or you can create your own assessment.

Khan Academy for Remediation

Another great way to incorporate Khan Academy videos into your curriculum is to help strengthen skills in areas in which your students need remediation. Sometimes it just takes repetition, or often information delivered in multiple formats for students to get it. Students can pause, rewind, and replay the videos as much as they need until they fully understand the topic.

Khan’s Videos for Differentiated Instruction

Do you have a projector and whiteboard installed in your room? Why not take a break from traditional lecture and play the videos to the entire class? This idea may not work in all situations, but it can be added to your existing lesson plan and help you strengthen your lesson. Some of the videos would be awesome to help “hook” or engage the learner before you begin delivering your existing lesson.

Here are a few examples of the lessons they provide.

I encourage you to check out Khan Academy and see if this is something that you can incorporate into your classroom.

I must emphasize that the suggestions provided here should be combined with other instructional strategies and adapted to meet the needs of your learners. The above provided instructional tips and advice are a great tool to add to your arsenal. Please do your part and think of creative ways to use these videos in your class.

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