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udemyWhile reading through my Twitter feed (hashtag #MOOC), I found a tweet about a website called Udemy. I had never heard of this site so naturally I wanted to check it out. An area of interest to me is continuing education and developing a PLN in which one can learn in a more informal setting. After signing up and reading through a ton of pages on their site, I see great value in what this site has to offer.

Udemy is a platform that offers anyone the opportunity to build a course online. While there are many causal teachers offering their knowledge, there are highly regarded teachers, professors, and subject matter experts offering their knowledge and expertise through Udemy courses.

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Course Offerings

udemy course offeringsUdemy offers a wide selection of courses. There are course offerings that are geared to help you with your personal life and those that are geared to improve your professional aspirations.

Examples of courses offered: Computer Applications (Excel, Access, PowerPoint), Languages, Games, Yoga, Exercises, Educational Courses (Math, Science, Social Studies) and much, much more.

Course Costs

Udemy courses are offered at all levels of pricing. You can most definately provide your course for FREE. But, if you wish to take a course or teach a course, you certainly have the freedom to charge or pay for a course if you wish. There are many courses that offer a great value for the price. Costs vary from FREE to over $100.00, but I would say the average course ranges from $29-$59.00.

Course Quality

Now I have not reviewed all the courses offered, but Udemy does offer a course rating system where students that have taken a course can rate and review it. When you find a course you are interested in, Udemy provides a course overview page that provides you with a introduction to the course (often a video), and a welcome and bio provided by the course instructor.

In the course overview, the instructor outlines what is required for the course and provides you with course goals and objectives. Here you should also find a table of contents and a listing of related courses offered by the author and by other Udemy instructors.

I strongly recommend you read the reviews and the bio on the instructor before paying for a course.


Udemy Course reviewUdemy Uses

As a learner, you can benefit from a wide variety of free or low cost courses to help you develop skills to further your personal or professional aspirations. Whether is training your new puppy or learning how to use Microsoft PowerPoint, Udemy offers some really high quality courses.

As an Instructor, you can enjoy the field of teaching others the knowledge and expertise you have developed in your professional life. The ability to share knowledge and if you wish, make a bit of money on the side is a great opportunity.

Go and and give Udemy a try.

If you have experience using Udemy, please leave a comment and let others know what  you think of it’s services.


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