Using Prezi Presentations in Your Classroom

January 23, 2012

Teachers and students alike can benefit from using Prezi Presentations in the classroom. Not that there is necessarily anything wrong with Microsoft PowerPoint, but Prezi adds a few new dimensions that a normal presentation tool can not do. 

What are Prezi Presentations?

preziPrezi Presentations are web-based presentations that are presented on a virtual canvas. Prezi is a great choice to tell a story or create an interactive concept map.

Prezi is often described as a 2.5D tool. Allowing users to zoom in and out on the content to stress emphasis on important topics. Unlike Microsoft’s PowerPoint, Prezi presents information on one large canvas. Microsoft PowerPoint presents information one slide at a time.  Prezi zooms in and out on this virtual canvas to present specific information. Pretty cool!

Sample Prezi Presentations

I believe teaching with examples. In this case, I want to show you an awesome presentation created with Prezi.  Take a look at this and imagine what you could do in your class!



When To Use Prezi Presentations

There are tons of ways to incorporate Prezi Presentations into your class. Prezi Presentations are great for really understanding how well students understand the content you taught. The depth of knowledge really shows up when students are allowed to create their own presentations linking topics in a logical manner or as how they see it best fits.

Common Uses in the Classroom

Bellringers – have students come in and work on their Prezi Presentations. Have students create presentations on the objectives you are currently teaching or have them pick a current event and have them research this event and build a presentation to present to the class.

Research Projects – Forget the ordinary research paper, have students make a Prezi. Students can express themselves through their use of images in their presentations.

Differentiated Instruction – Teachers can use this presentation tool in the classroom and differentiate their lessons. Why stand in front of the whiteboard and simply lecture. Why not have a Prezi presentation to guide you and your students through today’s lesson!

Tips for Using Prezi Presentations

  • The most common tip to live by is go easy with the zooming in and out. You really can over use this feature. Remember you’re go is to engage the learner, not make them dizzy.
  • Present content in a manner that best communicates your desired message.
  • Use clear and sharp images.

Prezi Products

Prezi offers a free service that allows for basic functionality which includes 100 MB’s of storage space.

If that isn’t enough they offer two pay packages that should take care of anything you need!

Check out their packages @ Prezi Prices

Prezi Links

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